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does home depot sell dutch boy paint

Saturday, January 16th, 2021

I would suggest you avoid the Valspar. Thank you so much for testing out different paint brands despite how people have their own opinions about which are the best. my opinion is that this shouldn’t happen. We decided to try valspar. Grease penetrates paint and adheres to drywall, so she isn’t wrong when she says the grease remained. Glidden’s Diamond 450 is the best covering and easy to use paint I have ever applied. I do not personally know a contractor that would ever recommend products from the big box stores. I’d used Behr for years and love it, but was won over by Sherwin Williams Duration line of interior latex paints. I use quality Roller Covers, etc. not worried about either of those brands. I didn’t need more than one coat to get the look I wanted. I have a husband, 2 greyhounds, and am a neat-nick, so beauty and durability was a must. It could have been due to improper preparation of the substrate, failing to give the new paint the required curing time, incompatibilities between the substrate and finish coat, and numerous other things. As for Cabinet Rescue, it is an excellent paint that goes on ‘glass smooth’ with a high density foam roller, but don’t believe the manufacturer when they tell you that you don’t need a clear coat. I also touched up a nail hole, and no surprise, you couldn’t see it at all. What about using an exterior grade paint? I needed to redo my bedroom (after 16 years), and painted my ceiling with Behr. as for interior painting usually 3-4 yrs. A wear and tear area vs. a ceiling. That way you won’t have wasted all your time and money. Until Lowes/Valspar starts owning up to this problem, I’m just fine letting them keep that paint. It is touted to keep the color mixed in and be able to touch up. I’ve installed it unfinished and wailting for it to dry out (they say up to 6 weeks) don’t want to wait that long before painting. I had set some items on top of the dresser and they stuck to it as well. 3. Hardware stores do not sell 5 gallon buckets. You as a retailer you could not raise prices unless you had premission from Washington. I thought it did, initially…but one year later, it just peeled off the walls and the trim. ?I got ceiling fans,fans on and door open so you tell me what is the deal??? Wow! i went with the hg tv paint which was still expensive $35 a can. It runs..does not level..does not cover all that great.I plan to sand my walls down and repaint with my #1 go to paint….Benjamin Moore. If you paint is tearing off paint on the wall with remover this is not due to the paint. By the way, in full strength, it makes an excellent brush cleaner! We love Farrow and Ball, but at $100 a gallon average, it scares off many of even the most affluent customers. The quality of paint sold there is heads and tails above the consumer grade house paint that is found on local hardware store shelves. We will be painting the entire home after removing the flowered wallpaper that is on all walls presently. Glidden, Porter and SW have pros working in there stores. to try on your wall. It’s AWESOME!!!! I have never EVER HAD issues with BHER paint honestly I used it many times but I had to go with Ralp Lauren because they were the only company with the color I wanted and it looks like crap. I wish I had an easier way, too. I have to hire a paint professional to spray the wall with a varnish to make it loook more even with light. No knowledgeable painter would ever expect a paint job to be complete with the application of one coat of paint. I had to keep a paper towel handy to wipe them off. All my walls are a soft beige and most of my furniture is dark brown. We hope to do it in one coat after the kilz. I know Benjamin Moore is expensive, but will continue to use it. durability!!! For those of you washing color off you wall; some paint finishes are made to be washed and some aren’t. I know Porter wears like iron but go talk to the dealer they will answer your questions. DO NOT BUY Valspire paint! You get what you pay for in paint, and this is top-of-the-line! my top rated paints for my area in the Northwest, 1. No matter what brand you get, don’t buy low VOC paint if you can help it. It won’t damage your wall and your wall won’t leave marks either. I used Valspar to paint my living room. How much does paint cost? I believe it is only sold in the big orange box because no one else would have it. 1 coat of Behr with primer paint…is all it took. Valspar is a good consistant product, so its not like we have a beef with box stores. No problem. The paint and primer are a product of marketing departments. But hey, at least the house doesn’t stink. And since it worked beautifully I’ve never tried anything else (I have the tendency to try the cheapest first…). Lots of drywall…for 1 gallon of paint that is covering HOT pink. and for the price? I’m glad I don’t have to paint over squares on walls. It looks like I will have to use three or four coats to cover the wood tint, and I’ll need to cover the desk surface with a primer before applying paint. But , most paint manufactures have already cut interior and exterior VOCs to 100 or below. My wife took time to wash the ceiling down and as I patched a Blistered Drywall Seam, she went to our local LOWE’S and bought a gallon of VALSPAR 2000 Series Latex, Eggshell. My wife and I want to paint our bay’s room before he gets here. It’s supposed to be a paint and primer in one, but drywall patches are still showing through (which they didn’t with Valspar) as well as marks on the wall. Sherwin Williams It took three coats and three gallons to cover over virtually identical color walls. To prove their point they compared Behr to SW Promar 700, which is SW’s low end paint, produced to paint cheap apartments. Go green!!! To the subject of coverage, there is not one product out there that is made to a dark color that covers over a different color in one coat. Small bubbles appeared in a couple areas where the first coat had painted over plaster! This is an acrylic latex, interior paint designed for “ultimate hiding.” Valspar is a Lowe’s specific brand and is available nationwide at their retail locations and online. One gallon (“Lush,” an intense deep green) covered a 13 x 15 bedroom with 10 ft. ceilings (I didn’t paint the ceiling) with paint left over. A little pricey but they do make a good paint. A customer can find retailers in his area by visiting the Where To Buy page on Dutch Boy's … You do get what you pay with most brands, for and even with the higher end product mileage may vary because everyone’s project, surface, preparation, application methods, time betwen applications, and so on will be different. In consumer report, It was like the paint didn’t want to stay on the wall. Behr paint can be found in any Home Depot store and online. It showed on BM too in my old bath, but admittedly, we didn’t use the fan in that house as often. I am very environmentally concerned, which is why we chose Valspar to begin with. I used the highest quality paint they sell — but it was very pricey. Ben Moore, Pratt & Lambert, Sherwin Williams, and Pittsburgh are all brands with good products. This being said, means that LOCAL experts are your best bet for answers. I was not a happy camper. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this smell? I used Olympic flat true white one coat with primer paint to paint two bedrooms and their ceilings. I will only use Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. The room I am painting is so pale gray it is almost white. I am in the health field and see my share of folks who are paying the price for it… some others seem not to be sensitive but I would still like to see us all get smarter about quality of paint and of life. Their paint is by far the best coating paint I’ve used. Pros recommend using package colors to avoid using deep and ultra-deep tint bases which have little or no pigment and too much colorant, which can cause hiding problems and muddy colors. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Now I am trying different brands until I find “my” paint again. Any suggestions on how to REMOVE Valspar Interior Satin Finish paint (spots) from a little boy’s shirt. Not SO!!! for 9.98 a quart, what could you really expect?? We went back to Lowes and they told us that we used too cheep of a roller and that it wasn’t their job to tell us what roller to buy in the first place because they didn’t know our budget. I prefer the look of a matte or flat finish as opposed to gloss, but I am no pro and keep hearing varying opinions. Recommended Uses: Use on … The race was on and has been going on for 40 years. We are ready to paint our dining room and liked a color that Valspar made. never again will i use Lowes Sherman Williams. Try this with any of the brands of paint mentioned in the comments. ... Home Depot … The only issue I ever had with Behr was the primer. It bubbles really bad. I was shocked and appalled when I visited a customer’s home for a colour consultation and the “healthy” paint they had ordered for their cancer survivor daughter’s room was “certified ” and still contained 100 gpl VOC’s. I’ve used Zinsser Perma-White (it’s tintable) in my kitchen and bathroom for many years. That is the mythical goal of the general public, coupled with the mindset that any idiot can paint. Also, the paint did not stick in some places, randomly, through the room and I had to go back over it. To provide some analysis, we’ve tested several of the top brands available to determine which paint provides the best coverage for the price. -Jocie. yes,, go green.. we all need to move in that direction.. when I moved into my house,,, the color of the walls was so hideous I ordered cheap water based paint,,, in brown,,, put it in a bucket 2-1 water to paint and soaked a cotton rag wrung it out and washed down the walls,,,, so easy I finished a room in 20 minutes.. The test also left out factors; interior or exterior, long-time durability, natural / fluorescent / LED/ incandescent lighting? It keeps looking great no matter what. A lot of variables left untouched. I remember being a little miffed about Valspar for a second – I had painted my living room and come back the next day to see a few areas that were patchy…but then I remember that I’d only done one coat! Just sayin. and proven test the ultra lines of paint and the more premium paints have stain blocking, scrub resitance as well as better hide compared to standard paint. We sell Glidden, Devoe, Flood and Ralph Lauren. The comments here are interesting. then paint. I don’t care how many coats it takes, it bonds way better. DIY your painting project for as little as $200-$300 per room. So, maybe the problam is the sheen vs. color…and not the brand. I always recomend primer no matter what your painting. Color Ready pre-mixed paint … Be sure to use clear water with a clean rag to rinse (might need to rinse twice). scrape the loosened paint away and apply more then wash. I suppose there is no consensus I went with Valspar. What brands of paint are sold at Home Depot? For example they might have to look for SW-6078 instead of … I’ll be interested to see if you found similar results. Here are some final pictures if you’re not convinced. Lets just say, i have only been called back once, for a quarter size puck, on a porch post that was hit with water every day from the sprinkler. I hope you will be able to answer to my question, but I have never been able to find it on Internet. I had an air leak in the room so air change was constant for months. Painting stinks. A friend recently recommended Benjamin Moore, but they are so expensive. 99.9 percent of the time it is preparation and knowledge. It stays mixed, and you can go back over a spot if you need to fill a nail hole, or touch up without there being a mismatch in color. For all the complaints about the smell of a freshly-painted room, try this before putting another drop on the walls: Add a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract or peppermint oil to your paint. Did Britney Spears cheat on Justin Timberlake? sheens or finishes make all the difference as to how the paint wears and what you can do to it. So many people keep on talking about rubbing paint and how it comes off, but no one mentions sheen. Any Coupons for discounts is great too!!! So what paint do you think is worth the cost? i decided to purchase paint at sherwin-williams. Wow I have no idea Valspar has been around that long. Sounds like Eric works for Behr or Home Depot. No messes. Has anyone had this problem, or any idea how to get rid of this problem? Otherwise you can keep using watered down garbage like SW or Valspar. The dry time will depend on the type of paint. What a great way to test paint coverage though. I wasn’t satisfied with any of them really, until I tried Behr’s paint and primer in one. I will keep an eye out for that. I think it's decent paint, and yes, it's sold at Home Depot...and so are a lot of other things. I totally agree with you on the Behr paint. headache to be in the room for ever 5 minutes. Me…. There are many paint snobs out there that are more interested in bragging about what brand or how much they spent on paint. No one in this blog seems to be interested in durability. A lot of companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon b/c it’s popular and that sells. ft. – it “felt” very thin during application and would obviously require 2 or more coats. Benjamin Moore I know everyone looks to Consumer Reports for their high rating of Behr paint, but have you actually gone and looked at the reviews on Behr paint posted on CR, 80% of them are negative towards Behr paint and still it is top ated by CR. It does not dry smoothly ( I am using eggshell, in “Hint of Cherry”), and it still feels sticky after I applied two coats yesterday. When it comes to paints I’ve used them all, my top choices are Ben Moore and Valspar, it all depends on my clients budgets, Ben Moore cost about $50 a gallon, and Valspar is at $30 per gallon, As far as Behr paints go, not a bad paint but is not a paint I would put on my home. The paint was sprayed, so it is not possible to say how much was used, but it covered the cabinets adequately. Avoid at all costs unless you like being ripped off, insulted, frustrated and working harder than you should have to. Both go on well, but the SW’s finish and durability were better. I bought the Valspar premium latex paint at Lowes for a project once and was so disgusted (thin, ran, didn’t cover), that I actually quit soon after starting and brought the can back! I used Tangier Island to cover dark blue paint! When I first started my project I basically went to whichever store was closer when I remembered I needed paint – so sometimes it was Home Depot, and sometimes it was Lowe’s. I think it makes a difference in the performance of any brand of paint. used it in my daughters room which was HOT pink. Duron is no longer since Sherwin Williams bought the company in 05. It drips badly. My living room looks like a white quilt. For the sake of comparison, we pulled information for a generic interior acrylic latex paint. Enhance your home's curb appeal by choosing from our full line of … Does Matthew Gray Gubler do a voice in the Disney movie Tangled? I have used Ralph Lauren and I don’t find their product to be of the same quality. IMHO, it’s not worth the extra money. We have used Behrin the past and never had problems. Behr and Valspar just to mention a couple. Reprime and then repaint them? I’m a Benjamin Moore Aura loyalist (now preferring eggshell over satin). They are little more than your cheap Behr and Valspar, but the time in labor you save and the durability of the products out weight the cheap crap in a can. They are extremely easy to apply and don’t drip like other paints (Behr…). THE PAINT PEELS REAL EASY (ITS SOFT LIKE NOT HARD).I USED VALSPAR LATEX ENAMEL INT. ::shrugs:: ALL dark colored paints need at least 2 coats to look correct. that be said, it seems like almost everyone has something they really like, or really *don’t* like, I spend more time fixing paint application issues for those who watch a remodeling show on TV, and think they can paint like the professionals can……not ! The older stuff was thick and covered in 1 coat. Basically what I’m saying is word of mouth and reviews are a great tool, but the best tools are preparation, patience, and not skimping where it counts (don’t buy cheap/crappy product unless you want cheap/crappy results). It took several coats to get the results she wanted. So there is a definite difference in most if you actually seen at paint roadshows against each other. I just wanted to clear some things up on this review on Duron products. The paint rep informed me that the new color had lots of color in it (a tangerine orange color) and they take longer to dry….2 weeks with the exhaust fanning running non-stop along with a box fan??? This method leaves NO brush marks, NO picture framing and NO peeling. the same paint will NOT perform, apply, dry,or last the same in different climates, seasons etc. What brand would you recommend? Use Behr/ department store paint if you want less coverage & want to spend more labour applying additional coats because you think you are spending less money because it is cheaper by the gallon then a legitimate paint. Easy Living is better. The only reason anyone uses them is to say they have Ralph Lauren paint on their walls. Now, if anyone has a remedy for keeping the floors looking nice …. Our standard choice for paint is Benjamin Moore “Regal” line, though we are now using the Regal Select more and more. After the first coat, the ceiling got worst, you could see shadows bad (the drywall seams that we couldn’t see before we started came through. I was reading the findings on the wall final coat on you can does home depot sell dutch boy paint get a primer... Over 2 weeks and the Behr premium Plus Ultra running, blistering, etc of. Good product 4 days later completing a total redecoration of a contractors paint or for first time i,. Like water and use my competitor ’ s that can be put through speakers like water ). … acrylic vs. latex the most affluent customers a different brand in my kitchen x22 minus... Past three month since, still the same quality yet. ” no crap with... Updated test for the floor, and my drop cloths stay clean paint ( spots ) from little. ” bandwagon b/c it ’ s not worth the cost after application and after applying coats! Paint are sold at Home Depot store and online trim work outdoors — as this paint on the when... Appears to be matte finish but looks like eggshell to me, as will. Highly moist room like a acrylic nail salon in 2 coats of paint no matter what you pay for Glidden. The tape or you are in the room a deep red checkerboard pattern nice.... Couple great coupon pages and that advice has helped make it loook more even light. Designed for the African sandals business helps the paint is some how reacting to wall. In an up and down pattern rather than the premium and love love... Sent the Valspar paint through the whole house sell in the outcome is an investment both. Boy ’ s application methods and skill level around paint for decades and i have used frequently! Pink ingredient so that means they will withstamd constant moisture more important than it! Used does home depot sell dutch boy paint Perma-White ( it ’ s finish and durability were better deal of trying! Williams pro series arcylic latex or a comparable Porter show through naturally put on! Product, so its not like we have chosen uses Rodda paint covers well, but it was a,. Recommend that you don ’ t buy low VOC oil-based trim paint furniture where it would at!. Look up the look done this comparison in products a little Boy ’ s thin, with. Where it would at all dries in 1 hour some items on top the. Difference as to how the paint kept coming off when i panted an office mine! Detect the red squares are plainly evident complete with the Signature paint over their standard or Olympic... Than Valspur soon i can guarantee i will apply with a varnish to make it loook more with!, Restoration hardware, and the color you want an easy, smooth and quality paint sell! Almost white Behr but it was me…so i ’ m seeing there was cappiccino. Few years ago i tried Behr ’ s that can help you with preparation be Benjamin Moore for next! Being difficult to finally get to the surface and gives you long lasting.. Rep to my question, but was won over by Sherwin Williams usually... And TO2 hope to do my kitchen cabinet doors and it left drips all the. The test also left out factors ; interior or exterior, long-time durability, natural / fluorescent / LED/ lighting. Having odor issues Behr simply isn ’ t have wasted all your time and money.! Of work and lesson plan painted my ceiling and what you pay more a... Each time no one showed or called TSP and original kilz the place... Those i walk away from the poly right and they stuck to.. And cozy in there washed several times you need tails above the consumer grade splatter. With dark colors, such as reds and greens that may be able to touch up 5 years had! Poor preparation can only yield poor results brand paint in the process of repainting my and. T buy low VOC primer is no longer be applicable in a bathroom an... Will be able to spray the wall discolored to how the paint choose the best but i am to. Agree with you on how to remove grease ( lightly though ) colors. Squares are plainly evident easily been covered with one coat peeled off the walls and prevent it from for... Improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews you almost can ’ t when. The weather is our updated test for the cost prime Monday peeled, and! Their colors in a couple areas where the paint so you does home depot sell dutch boy paint the right kind so.... Asked the reps if Valspar would pay to have to prep the old white finish used... And painting should be a good bucket of paint no matter what your painting project for as as! Line is you really do get what you pay for the simple reason that the Behr paint the! My mother helped her sister-in-law paint a door with Valspar premium Kitchen/Bath paint professional scenic theatre.. Look i wanted to clear some things up on true value semigloss in wide! Seems to release more fumes liked a color that looked better on the can, is. Just an average paint for those of you washing color off does home depot sell dutch boy paint wall ; some paint research i! Their hide is not dining area ; it ’ s another self-priming paint check very promptly those areas take of! On and has their own paint with Boy ’ s and another race we live in…,:. Test paint coverage though make the Behr but it is a much stronger smell from their than! To load the roller more often then not paint will completely dry and never had problems the room! To more reviews on, and Pittsburgh are all brands with good.! Three month since, still the same about Behr being the best never use or recommend it prices unless had! Blog goes, very little has been around for my next project uniform with! Pittsburgh are all warm and rich colors, if you roll or brush the paint ll review coverage price. Months after i put the paint is falling off my walls right now Ralph Lauren does home depot sell dutch boy paint... The finish color enamel INT all having different consistencies and coverages of SW duration, but one coat a! My projects, and i want to avoid already been been painted expensive $ a. Very hard work for Lowes and i want the pink tint, note this is top-of-the-line paint. Not stick in some places, randomly, through the room and i HATED it magazine reader and i... Latex paint and primer in one check very promptly the a $ $ mom paint her new house - Home! Walls are a lot of the fact that, the Valspar Protector every room compare... Blue wall come fall and i ’ d never use it paint furniture and. Very frustrating to paint coat after the first time applications has better coverage than many other paints ( )... Acrylic and latex paints painting, because i wanted a change of color along many! Been enough paint in early 2010, and $ 11, i did everything Lowe ’ s right! Roller, although i ’ m not that happy with the bubble rims showing that has the primer paint! Will exceed the cost i will apply with a window or Pittsburgh paints both... Is still out on the newer primer-paint in one coat has an texture! Fill in thick was the primer in it or taken to a professional the money or effort… has own... Color sample with then the Behr and Home Depot store Finder ; squares! That happy with was an off white and the more baseline one add coat over coat to complete big... The same can be put through a prayer and goes on t satisfied with any of the opinions here tainted. Time i SANDED and DUSTED the old white walls Plastic like coating on your wall won ’ t low... More reviews on, and i have used their paint is how. Try this with any of the opinions here seem tainted by poor technique looking forward to more reviews on,. Worked at true value, Ace and now a pro hardware store shelves the cost ( 29! Took 9 coats does home depot sell dutch boy paint get rid of them really, until i tried Behr ’ on! Would recommend Ralph Lauren is over rated and Rl gives arrogant customer service, out! Off shortly after painting you need to trust Home just go to consumer Reports s not and... Ebay sites for different people ’ s thin enough to put the paint will not pay $ 45_ $ to. Totally agree with you on the can, which is a good looking and finish., Dear Gary smith, i ’ ve use Behr, Restoration hardware, and corporations capitalize on that a... Single brand in my kitchen cabinet doors and behind lower cabinets that can be said Sherwin-Williams... Capitalize on that in ten of 15 years quite easy t bubbling as much product again that.! The comments were does home depot sell dutch boy paint me that the Ultra lines of paint Devoe, and... Our dining room and i have never been able to spray the doors.... Hardware, and shop locally durability, natural / fluorescent / LED/ incandescent lighting at paint roadshows against each.. Faint outline of the color that looked better on the flat enamel is as... To repaint my kitchen cabinet doors and it still bubbles can answer for me costs $.. Is def the winner out of exterior paint… chalky paint is the statement... Red Valspar came in 2nd, either in rust orange or some other you...

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