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Sunday, September 12th, 2010
By: Brandon Bailor

Well, you know I went on an audition with Winston’s Dog already, and I am thinking that went pretty well. And may know I have two more auditions lined up. One on Thursday (Spet 16th) with Avoiding the Angel. I am kind of excited about this one … they seem like a fairly established local band. I think I have read that they have opened up for bands like Papa Roach in the past. But for some reason, I am a little nervous about that one. Not sure why. Possibly in part because my double-bass skills might not be up to snuff. For that I bought a new pedal, and a practice pad, and I am doing my workouts 🙂 The third band I will be auditioning with is a local band called Chainfall.

On Friday I was able to go see Winston’s Dog play a show. They did a really solid job. The venue was a place called Ringers in Shwenksville PA. Interesting room. They really went all out on the sound system and lighting. Very well done, but I think they had the volume way too loud. It was nice to see the guys and I think they really appreciated the fact that I was interested enough to come out and support them, as well as see if I can learn more about them … live performance style, sound, etc. I think that may have helped my chances with them.

Then last night, I drove out to Bensalem to catch Chainfall live. Unfortunately, they were plagued with technical difficulties … they needed to borrow a drum kit, that kit showed up late, and they had no time for sound checks. But I have to tell you, the singer and guitar player really impressed me right off the bat. Oddly enough, before the show started, some guy walked up to me and asked if I was Brandon … this really took me by surprise.  It turned out to be Ed, the singer.  I didn’t even expect them to remember I was coming … much less be able to pick me out of a crowd. So that was cool. They opened up with a Pearl Jam song … the singer sounded just like Eddy Vedder. I was floored. And the guitar player was very solid. I couldn’t really hear the bass player very much, and that might have been because I was on the wrong side of the stage, but he seemed to hold the bottom pretty well. The weakest part of this band was the drummer. I think I can see why these guys are looking for a new drummer.  I felt kinda bad for the guys, I could see the frustration on their faces. Fortunately I was able to see past the quality of the overall performance, and concentrate on the genuine talent that these guys had. I am positive if they had a stronger foundation that these guys will be really good. After the show, I ended up sticking around and hanging out with them for a while. And I have to tell you, I really like these guys. They seem really down to earth, they are super cool guys, they seem really connected in the music scene, and they already have a following. Well, I have an audition with these guys on Sunday the 19th. I am actually really looking forward to this. At this point I am most excited about my opportunities with Chainfall than either of the other two bands.

But I just want to play. If Chainfall isn’t going to want me, then hopefully one of the other bands will. And if not, then my search will continue. I just have to get back into this … it is too big of a part of my life to keep bottled up any more.

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