Capitol “F”

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
By: Brandon Bailor

Planning the big trip to Yosemite National Park … I just learned that the safety cables will most likely not be up on Half-Dome mountain.  That means … no hike to the top!  I have also been learning that many roads are closed throughout the park for the winter … many of them don’t open ’till late May … it’s different every year.  I won’t know  … basically until I get there.  I feel like Chevy Chase at Wally World … I just want to punch a moose in the nose, and shoot John Candy with a BB gun!

This can only mean one thing.  I need to start planning another trip!  I HAVE to get to the top of that mountain!  And I will!  Oh yes, I will!

Category : Travel

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